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Frane' Clarke

My name is Frané Clarke and I am a wife, registered nurse and midwife, Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Growing up, I never really had a distinct idea of what I wanted to do with my life. At a young age, I remember telling my parents that all I wanted was to be a wife, with many babies and a couple of dogs!

When it came to a career choice a few years later, my dream hadn't changed at all so I decided to simply study what my best friend had chosen- nursing. Within my first day working in the hospital, I realized this was what I was meant to do.

I enjoyed working in most of the different wards and departments within the hospital, but it was while helping with my first birth that I really felt that I'd found my place in this world.

It is such a blessing to witness the miracle of life. From the positive pregnancy test, helping mom and dad prepare for their new little one, the wonderful experience of helping a mother bring new life into the world and then watching these little ones grow and thrive. All these things make my heart full!

It was while doing my community service year at Jubilee hospital that I discovered my passion for breastfeeding. I was working, day in and day out, with mothers and their newborn babies and quickly came to realize that breastfeeding didn't come as naturally to everyone as I'd always thought. I came across hundreds of women who wanted to breastfeed, but because they never got the help and the information that they needed, didn't succeed. The other nurses and doctors also weren't equipped to deal with many of the breastfeeding difficulties.

There is so much more to breastfeeding than meets the eye and this motivated me to become a Lactation Consultant.

Mothers and babies are my absolute passion and I love journeying with them through their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Stephni Coetzee

Hi, I'm Stephni Coetzee, registered midwife and lactation consultant.

My love for midwifery began the first time I witnessed new life enter into the world as a student nurse. My eyes were filled with tears of joy for someone I had just met and my heart melted when the baby gave his first breath and cried unapologetically.

I smiled when the father fell on his knees and kissed his newborn son for the first time. I joined the mother when she exhaled in relief as those powerful contractions came to an abrupt end. I felt extremely honored to be a part of that special moment and my life wasn't the same ever since.

I have loved the natural process of labour and I've gained experience working as a midwife in settings ranging from public hospitals, private hospitals as well as see the beauty of a homebirth. I've worked with women from all cultures and backgrounds, and I've learned that we are all united through this amazing process called birth. 

I love educating and empowering couples about this magical process in my Antenatal classes. I'm extremely passionate about helping couples transition into parenthood and equipping them with the knowledge & confidence they need in order to care for their bundle of joy. 

I believe that breastfeeding is an instinctive process but comes with its own challenges. I enjoy supporting & helping moms to overcome these challenges. 

The special bond between women and God strengthens as we learn to depend on Him completely during these difficult, but precious moments.


He guides us to become the strong women of Christ we didn't realize we are. 

3695615730485444 3695615730485444