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Laura Stavoe Harm

"There's a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful, but rather that women are strong" 

Natural Birth

The female body was intricately designed with the ability to birth a baby. We offer safe Midwife-led birthing striving to give you the birth you desire and only intervene when medically necessary.

My love for midwifery began the first time I witnessed new life enter into the world. My eyes were filled with tears of joy for someone I had just met and my heart melted when the baby gave his first breath and cried unapologetically.

I smiled when the father fell on his knees and kissed his newborn son for the first time. I joined the mother when she exhaled in relief as those powerful contractions came to an abrupt end. I felt extremely honored to be a part of that special moment and my life wasn't the same ever since. 

The special bond between women and God strengthens as we learn to depend on Him completely during these difficult, but precious moments

3695615730485444 3695615730485444